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Kaunas is is one of the most significant cities of Lithuania. More than 35,000 students study at Kaunas' seven universities. A vast cultural heritage is preserved in the historical and architectural monuments, museums, theatres, art galleries and churches of Lithuania's second largest city.

St. Michael's Church in Kaunas

The Neo-Byzantine Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Picture:

More Facts and Pics

The axis of central Kaunas is formed by two pedestrian streets: the 2 km long "Laisves Aleja" (Freedom Avenue) and its continuation, Vilnius street. Here you will find charming coffee bars, boutiques and bustlers who are eager to please the crowd. The M. K. Ciurlionis Museum is also well worth a visit. It commemorates the work of the lithuanian avant-garde artist who tried to combine paiting and music into a single artistic medium.

The Town Hall Square is famous for its striking churches, the remains of a medieval fortress, the Perkunas House, and the Devil's Museum.